Are You Really Connecting With Your Customers?

Do you want to connect with your customers? “Of course!”, you say. But what does it mean to connect with your customer? What are the implications of such a connection?

For most of us, when we think of building a deeper connection with our customers, we immediately think of all the benefits we can realize from a deeper connection. Maybe that’s a problem! Maybe, by thinking of benefits first, we focus more on taking rather than giving. Maybe, by thinking of benefits first, we create superficial connections with customers.

Connecting on a deeper level is a responsibility before it’s a reward. There’s work to be done before benefits can be realized. Connecting on a deeper level means:

1. Understanding your customer’s deep story. What are the experiences that define them? What is the journey they are on? What is it they are trying to accomplish and why?

2. Becoming the custodian of their vision. We’re all busy and running in multiple directions. Interacting with people who keep us grounded is deeply rewarding. Can you be that person for your customer?

3. Connecting your goals to their outcomes. In other words, win-win means you win AFTER they win. Their win becomes your win. What are the metrics they use to measure their success? How can you integrate these metrics into your measure for success?

Connecting with your customers on a deeper level is rewarding. And, your customers want to connect! All of us are wired to want to connect with other humans. We’ve all been burned in the past, so we are cautious. Despite our caution, we are longing for authentic people to show up and make a meaningful connection with us. Before your next meeting, consider what level of connection you are seeking and why.

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