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We specialize in high stakes sales and we'd love to help you get your company to the next level.

Heroes, Villains, and The Thrill of Professional Selling

Your Guide To Directing a Winning Buying Experience.

Are you a busy business leader who has read one too many books about sales that left you bored with no practical advice that you could implement quickly?
Are the pressures of generating revenue keeping you up at night? Is your sales team just not making it happen?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, that’s why I wrote Heroes, Villains, and the Thrill of Professional Selling, which will be released on September 5, 2023. I wanted to share an approach that is engaging, practical, and most importantly, revenue-generating. Built on more than 30 years of remarkable client results, I have taken the critical concept of storytelling and blown it out into a model and tools that use an analogy we all can relate to — making movies.

Our Purpose

To help chief executives and sales leaders realize profitable growth by helping them win, keep and grow key accounts. 

Get free sales and account management tips, tools and techniques.

Strategic Sales Training

We’ll bring fresh thinking to your team. We’ll challenge them to go deeper and further than they expect in a typical sales training program. We mean business. We mean to build your business. 

Key Account Management

Your Biggest Accounts May Not Be Strategic. We’ll help you figure out which accounts have the highest potential for growth and co-creation.


Are you looking for an energizing speaker for your next sales conference? Do you want your sales people to learn, to be inspired and to talk about your event for years to come?

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