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What’s the best way to secure predictable, long-term organic growth with customers? What’s the best way for you to stand out in the eyes of your customers from all the other suppliers that are competing for your their business? Quite simply, you need to stand out! According to marketing thought leader, Seth Godin, you need to be the purple cow in a field full of brown cows. You need to innovate! You need to be a leader and demonstrate to your client that you really understand their issues and you’re committed to their growth.

The best way to do this is through customer-supplier collaboration. You need to co-create and you can do that with our Innovate for Growth Workshops.

innovate for growth workshops

Vendor employees and client employees deepen relationships by co-creating solutions to emerging client priorities. Organizations, roles and positions disappear as everyone focuses on the task at hand.

pre-meeting process includes:

  • Personal survey
  • Barriers to getting things done
  • Questions that should be asked to address issue
  • Current ideas to address issue
  • Criteria for idea selection

The answers to these questions are used in the workshop to stimulate ideas and develop pragmatic solutions to the difficult and sticky challenges your client is facing.

tools to stimulate ideas

  • Question Bank
  • Idea Bank
  • Barrier Bank
  • Strategic Initiatives Bank
  • Award-winning KnowBrainer Tool
  • Music Library
  • Action Planner Templates
  • Brain Game

workshop flow

  • Introductions
  • Define specific challenge(s) and constraints
  • Generate Ideas
  • Craft solutions
  • Evaluate, debate and score solutions
  • Develop action plans
  • Award budget to winning team


The result: Both you and your client gain deep insight into their key challenges. You’ll generate hundreds, if not, thousands of ideas to address these challenges. Most importantly, your customer will leave at the end of the workshop armed with a detailed and practical action plan of how to successfully implement the changes needed to grow their business. Your sales team will leave with a keen understanding of their client at a strategic level and key insights they can use to develop relevant and strategic solutions for years to come.

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