Adrian Davis, President & CEO of Whetstone Inc.


Like you, strategic sales expert and author Adrian Davis believes that sales is a valuable service. Adrian uses his advanced skills in storytelling, and his deep insight into the sales and buying process, to inspire sales people to reach higher levels of performance. He makes it clear that there is no room for average in today’s market place. Adrian practices what he preaches. He connects with his audiences with real-life stories and openness in a way that creates intimacy and trust. He always tailors his content to focus on your most important sales challenges.

As President & CEO of management consulting firm Whetstone Inc., Adrian has worked with the world’s leading corporations.  Companies such as Dupont, Johnson & Johnson and ITW have partnered with Adrian to create greater value for their customers. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a certified Professional in Business Process Management (P.BPM) and a Certified Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP). The author of Human-to-Human Selling, Adrian is an internationally recognized,  thought-provoking speaker and trusted advisor to CEOs and sales leaders. He is frequently called upon to address executive teams and sales groups on the subjects of selling value and sales excellence.


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