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What To Expect When You Book Adrian

When you contact us, we will ask about the date of the event to confirm Adrian’s availability.

First, Adrian will discuss your objectives for your event. He will want to know who the key stakeholders are and the composition of the audience. In addition to your objectives, he will want to understand what the attendees are hoping to get from the experience. He will want to understand any contextual issues, such as recent re-organizations, mergers or acquisitions.

If we agree on fit and date, we will coordinate further discovery and customization of content to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Any additional questions, please call Adrian at 647-977-9047 ext 101, or send an email to jclarke [at] whetstoneinc [dot] ca.
Below, are a sample of the typical responses Adrian gets after his appearances. 
  • “I had the pleasure of attending a week long SAMA training lead by Adrian and it was one of the most impactful trainings I’ve had in my sales career. The strategies and methodologies discussed refocused my mindset around my sales approach and changes I have already started making to continue to build strong, impactful and valuable relationships with my customers. Adrian’s insight , wisdom and deep understanding of today’s sales environment was refreshing and thoughtful. The delivery was highly engaging given the completely virtual environment we utilized. Thank you, Adrian!” Susan Milwit, Global Account Manager, AVI-SPL
  •  “Thank you Adrian! You rocked the content!! You are definitely an amazing presenter!! It’s been quite the experience during interactions I’ve had with my colleagues after the training session, watching them process the value and key takeaways into something meaningful and tangible for themselves and customers, along with my own actions. Thank you so much!!” Rachel Gebhart, Key Account Executive, New York Power Authority
“After attending many different sales related trainings over the years I found Adrian’s to be hands down the best. He couples very engaging, sincere and enthusiastic presentation skills while walking through the art of storytelling and reminding us all what actually drives sales and motivates change. A refreshingly realistic approach that will have an immediate impact.” Stephen Murray, Director of Sales, Siemens Canada
To see more, check out his LinkedIn page. (Scroll down to the Recommendations section)
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