What To Expect When You Book Adrian

When you call, we will ask about the date of the event to confirm Adrian’s availability.

Adrian will only speak at conferences or corporate events where he can do an outstanding job. He will ask you a number of questions about the audience and the objectives of the event to make sure your event is a good fit. Of course, he will answer any questions you might have about him as well.

Room Set-up

Adrian can work with just about any room configuration, but for audience members to get the most from the presentation, please use the following guidelines:

Audience seating arrangements: Adrian prefers the audience members are seated in half-rounds so that they can work in small groups and everyone has clear line-of-site to the stage.

Microphone: Adrian will require a wireless lav microphone.

Stage set-up: No podium, or if there is one, it should be far enough to the side of the stage that it does not distract. If readily available, a “cocktail” height table for his materials (and water), placed just off to the side.

Projector: Please ensure HDMI connection.

Flip Charts: Adrian prefers to use two flip charts. Please ensure there is sufficient paper and fresh markers.

Book signing: If Adrian is signing his books, please arrange for a table near the back of the room for this purpose.

Any additional questions, please call Adrian at 647-977-9047 ext 101, or send an email to jclarke [at] whetstoneinc [dot] ca.


  • A detailed questionnaire about your meeting objectives and audience.
  • 6-8 Interviews, to understand your priorities and audience issues.
  • Fully customized presentation.


  • Early arrival to meet attendees, listen to other speakers, and weave this intelligence into the presentation.
  • A powerful presentation that keeps to your schedule.
  • Will stay the day, to spend time with attendees and answer their questions personally.
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