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you need more sales!

We understand. That’s why our training is designed to ensure you get results. Fresh insights re-ignites your team and gives them hope. When they are re-fueled, they will execute with confidence. 

strategic sales training

We’ll bring fresh thinking to your team. We’ll challenge them to go deeper and further than they expect in a typical sales training program. We mean business. We mean to build your business. 

take your team's selling skills to a whole new level!

This program is designed for experienced sales professionals that want to see bigger results fast! Many sales professionals are unclear about how they should pursue larger, million dollar or multi-million dollar deals. Often, this lack of knowledge also leads to a lack of confidence. Now, there’s no need for your team to feel intimidated about doing large deals. They’ll get the education, motivation and coaching to help them achieve new levels of performance.


The Secrets to Million-Dollar Selling Program is an advanced sales program designed to help sales professionals become more effective in making major sales. This program will introduce them to a unique approach to the sales process. By implementing this approach, they will be able to:

The bottom line? We help you and your team make a lot more money by helping you deliver far greater value to your clients. What would it mean to you if you could grow your business significantly in the next couple of years?


This fast-paced, interactive workshop will make learning these essential concepts for mastering the complex sale easy and fun. All concepts will be presented clearly and in an easily digestible manner. You’ll gain insights into and mastery of:


Each module comprises lectures, worksheets, and templates. Participants are expected to come to the workshop with active accounts to which they can apply their learning. An exclusive online area will be set up for your organization where the learning will continue after the in-person workshop.

about the facilitator

Adrian Davis is the founder and CEO of Whetstone Inc. Whetstone works with CEOs and sales leaders to help them build customer-centred sales teams that result in growth and profitabliity.

Adrian has developed a reputation for helping companies develop highly focused sales and marketing strategies, which increase revenue. He has over 20 years of experience in strategic selling and in-depth understanding of how to win multimillion dollar accounts. Adrian is also the Past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Toronto Chapter and currently serves as Foundation Communications Chair at the Association’s National level.

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