Adrian at Excelerate 2017

EXCELerate 2017 will foster and support the economic empowerment of women by enhancing trading opportunities among companies across Canada, the USA and Internationally through our community of alliances.  We will continue to push the envelope to provide you with innovative, dynamic, and thoughtful sessions to inspire leadership growth.

The conference will include:

• Round Table Discussions
• Procurement Opportunities
• Plenary Sessions
• Meet the Experts
• Gala Reception
• Networking
• Pre & Post Tours

Delegates will include:
• Women business owners from around the globe who are intent on empowerment and becoming more proactive and confident with their own business growth;
• Inspirational leaders of global corporations and small businesses sharing meaningful insights to shape new thinking and enable sustained, strategic growth;
• Corporations that will provide insights into their global procurement strategies including local engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility;
• Financial institutions that will offer tools and understanding to those seeking to leverage financial instruments;
• Government and key stakeholders who facilitate connections and will be catalysts for new opportunities;
• Trade practitioners who will offer pathways to engage and demystify
• Students in international trade; and
• Media

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