Working Together

Whetstone Inc. core services include:

Strategic Sales Training

  • Strategic selling workshops to help shift the company culture be more client centric; affecting your team culturally to develop an appetite for change
  • Buyer and sales team interviews- Understand what your customers think they’re buying vs. what your sales team thinks they’re selling
  • Development and documentation of a sales process that aligns the sales team’s mindset with the expectations of existing customers

Business Process Optimization

  • An audit of current positions and job fit profiles through interviews will identify inefficiencies and frustrations of the current state
  • Understanding the job functions to determine the right footprint of job roles in order to recruit the right talent and re-align existing talent
  • Determining the greatest opportunities for increased efficiency to develop an emotional buy-in to the future organizational state
  • Business Mapping Process- create job aids and process documents and define policies and standards associated with the new processes

CRM and ERP Implementation

  • Technology selection of CRM and/or ERP
  • Project implementation based on assessment of current state of affairs
  • Design project plan
  • Prototype the technology and showcase how functions integrate into new process
  • Leading through change- coaching managers to lead and guide team through new processes

Whetstone uses the following approach when implementing these core services:

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